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Courtney Smith and Jason Beeber

We met Michelle Hanna over one year ago at an open house near Larchmont Village. While we were not destined to purchase that lovely home, the impression Michelle mae upon us that day stayed with us. So when it came time for us to find an agent to represent us in our search, Michelle was the natural and immediate choice.

Michelle has the rear ability to couple business savvy with understanding. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, insightful, honest, candid and sensitive to the individual needs and desires of each different client. She is an expert in her field, an trustworthy friend and a wonderful mother. Definitively the anti-stereotype, Michelle thoroughly impressed us with her ability to be kind and patient while we searched for a property yet efficient and resolute while handling our deal.

As a young couple and first time homebuyers, we were continually reevaluating what we were looking for in a home. Michelle helped us to identify what communities and housing options would best suit us, giving us terrific suggestions that catered both our immediate and long-term financial and personal needs. The truth of the matter is that we would have been lost without Michelle.

With Michelle we have founded a life-long professional relationship. Should you have any questions regarding Michelle’s outstanding qualifications or our personal experience with her, please feel free to contact us at our new home number:(323)848-8177.

Best regards,

Courtney Smith and Jason Beeber

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