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Los Angeles Area Home Prices Stable

According to an article based on the Case Shiller index for May 2012, the property values in Los Angeles are slightly higher as of April.  The index shows that prices have adjusted to their 2003 levels and appear to be trending higher.


Case-Shiller-May-2012Los Angeles

As you can see from the chart, the so-called “bubble” has adjusted in the Los Angeles market and has been steady over the past several years.

After several months of slightly declining values, preceded by rising prices, the prices show a modest gain.

Other nearby cities also shown.  San Diego and San Francisco are showing the same trends of stabilizing prices.


Case Shiller for Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco
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In another article (click on the link  to read the entire article)  the study shows that nine cities faced a decline while the rest of the 20 cities studied increased.

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