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Make an Offer to Buy

After you have satisfied yourself regarding the values and what your home-buying dollars will buy, you are ready to choose a home and make an offer on it.

At this point we will kick into another gear. You will want to commit to a different time plan. Once you are ready to buy, you will need to be more available. Homes move on and off the market with lightning speeds. A home may come on the market one day and have an accepted offer a day later. No more waiting for the week-end!

It is during this period that you will seriously consider homes that suit you. You will want to schedule time to see the inside of them, and look at them closely…consider how your family, your furniture, your style will fit into these walls.

write offer

When you are ready, write an offer on your future home!

We will go carefully over the important paperwork, so that you understand anything and everything you will be signing. There are multi-page forms, including the contract itself, addenda and other paperwork. It is a good idea for your to pre-fill most of the contract and keep it with you, making sure that you are as quickly responsive as possible.

By this time you should be thoroughly qualified by a lender with a letter of pre-approval.

When you find the home that fits your most important criteria, you will want to write and present an offer on it.

Then it is on to negotiation.

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